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Thay đổi kích cỡ chữ đọc:
Exammination And Confession (bản Xét Mình Xưng Tội Bằng Tiếng Anh)
Chủ Nhật, Ngày 6 tháng 12-2009

Ten Commandments

        Bless Me, Father, for I have sinned. My last confession was (two weeks, one month, one year…ago). I have committed the following sins:

1. I am the Lord your God. You shall not have strange gods before me.

-I denied (or seriously doubted) the existence of God…times
-I have been ashamed of or denied my faith…times
-I have denied my Catholic faith or substantial parts of it…times
-I have despaired of God’s mercy or denied it…times
-I have blasphemed God…times
-I have seen the Catholic Church as merely one of many Christian religions and not as the one true Church of Christ…times
-I refused to believe that Jesus Christ is true God and true Man
-I refused to believe that God is truly the divine Author of the Bible and there is no error in the Bible if rightly understood…times
-I did not pray for…how long
-I have not had sufficient respect in Church for the Eucharistic presence of our Lord Jesus Christ…times
-I have practiced various forms of superstition, e.g., use of fortune tellers, horoscopes, mediums, ouiga boards, tarot cards, dreams, lucky numbers, charms…times
-I have believed in reincarnation…times
-I consciously received the Sacraments of Confirmation, Holy Communion, Anointing of the sick, Holy Orders, or Matrimony in the state of mortal sin
-I have intentionally failed to confess some mortal sin in my previous confessions…times

-I have taken part in satanic worship or rituals…times
-I have made use of satanic signs or symbols…times
-I, as a minister of the Eucharist, distributed the Sacred Species (the Body and the Precious Blood of our Lord) while knowingly remaining in the state of mortal sin…times
-I administered the Eucharist to persons who expressed the need to see a priest for confession before receiving Holy Communion…times
-I knowingly and deliberately distributed Holy Communion to non-Catholics…times
-I deliberately desecrated the Sacred Species…times

2. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.

-I used God’s name in vain, as a curse word, or in a frivolous way…times
-I have spoken irreverently about the Holy Mother of God, or the other Saints…times
-I watched movies or listened to music that treat of our Lord or His Holy Mother in a blasphemous or frivolous way…times
-I cursed…times
-I used bad language…times
-I took false oath…times
-I wished evil on someone…times

3. Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day.

-I missed Mass on Sundays or Holy Days of Obligation through my own fault…times
Holy Days of Obligation: Christmas Day (December 25), The Solemnity of the Mother of God (January 1), Assumption of Mary (August 15), All Saint’s Day (November 1), The Immaculate Conception (December 8)

4. Honor your father and your mother.

-I disobeyed my parents or other lawful superiors…times
-I did not treat parents with the proper respect, especially when they may have become burdensome…times
-I have abandoned, ignored, or failed to be of help to parents in their old age…times
-I have neglected my responsibilities to my spouse and children…times
-My family life was not centered on Christ and his teaching
-I did not complied with the just decrees of lawful authority…times

5. You shall not kill.

-I have harbored hatred, malice, anger or resentment in my heart towards …someone
-I quarreled with anyone…times
-I desired revenge…times
-I have unjustly wounded or struck another…times
-I killed someone unjustly…times
-I refused to forgive someone…times
-I was disrespectful…times
-I harmed someone…times
-I abused drugs or alcohol for…how long?
-I consented to, recommended, advised, or actively taken part in an abortion or in euthanasia…times
-I have engaged in artificial insemination or test tube fertilization…times
-I participated in surrogate motherhood
-I engaged in the contribution of sperm…times
-I have been part of a pre-natal diagnostic procedure done with the thought of possibly inducing an abortion depending upon the result…times

-I participated in the destruction of embryos…times
-I participated in the freezing of embryos…times
-I used human embryos for experimental or commercial purposes…times
-I attempted suicide or seriously entertained thoughts of suicide…times
-I discriminated against others because of sex, race, color, social conditions, language, or religion…times
-I have given scandal to anyone by my sins, thereby leading them to sin…times
-I injured the good reputation of others…times
-I, as a state or federal legislator, voted for any form of legislation that promotes or funds direct abortions…times

6. You shall not commit adultery
9. You shall not desire your neighbor’s wife.

-I have been unfaithful to my spouse in action or thought…times
-I am envious of another’s spouse or family…times
-I have practiced artificial contraception (use of a condom, I.U.D., diaphragm, the contraceptive pill, sponges, pre-mature withdrawal by the man…) in my marriage…times
-I had a direct sterilization such as vasectomy or a tubal ligation
-I committed impure actions with others by acts of adultery, fornication or pre-marital sex…time
-I committed homosexual acts…times
-I committed the sins of bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, etc…times
-I masturbated…times
-I viewed immodest pictures, movies, Internet, or TV programs…times
-I have read suggestive magazine articles, books, or Internet…times

-I have desired to do impure things…times
-I took pleasure in impure thoughts and desires…times
-I have, as an unmarried person, engaged in passionate or unreasonable kissing or embraces…times
-I have engaged in impure jokes or conversations…times
-I was not modest in dress…times

7. You shall not steal.
10.You shall not desire your neighbor’s goods.

-I, myself, stole, damaged, or helped, encouraged others to steal or damage another’s property which worth…how much?
-I did not fulfill my contract…times
-I did not pay my bills…times
-I gave or accepted bribes…times
-I cheated anyone out of something that is justly theirs (creditors, insurance companies, tax agencies, etc.)
-I failed to give my employer an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay…times
-I did not give a fair wage to my employee…times
-I gambled with funds necessary to pay my lawful obligations and/ or the reasonable maintenance of my family, and myself according to my state in life…times
-I gambled in excessive amount, in the pursuit of pleasure or greed, with money that I could have used, in some way, to alleviate the sufferings of others…times
-I did not share what I have with the poor and needy…times
-I envied other people…times
-I was resentful and bitter over my position in life…times

8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

 -I lied to deceive…times
-I injured other by lies…times
-I gossiped or spoken behind anyone’s back…times
-I ruined anyone’s good name…times
-I revealed information that should be confidential…times
-I was not sincere in my dealings with others…times
-I judged others rashly…times
-I made false testimony…times


First and Second Commandments:
-I have been deliberately or carelessly late for Mass…times
-I have not observed abstinence before the reception of Holy Communion…times
-I did unnecessary work for money on Sunday…times
-I did not try to keep Sunday as a day of rest…times

Third and Fourth Commandments:
-I failed to make confession …years
-I failed to receive Holy Communion during the Easter season…years

Fifth and Sixth Commandments:
-I did not fast and abstinence on Ash Wednesday, on Good Friday in the last…years
-I ate meat on Fridays during Lent …years

Father, I am truly sorry for these and all the sins of my past life. I also accuse myself of any sin, which I may have forgotten. Please, absolve me.

Listen to Priestly counsel and the penance to say or do, say the Act of Contrition when asked and the Priest will absolve you. Then say your penance


O My God,
I am heartily sorry
for having offended You,
and I detest all my sins,
because I dread the loss of heaven
and the pains of hell,
but most of all
because they offend You,
my God, who are all good
and deserving of all my love.
I firmly resolve,
with the help of Your grace,
to confess my sins,
to do penance and to amend my life.


God the Father of mercy, through the
death and resurrection of his Son has reconciled the
world to himself and set the Holy Spirit among us for
forgiveness of sins; through the ministry of the
Church may God give you pardon and peace, and I
absolve you from your sins, in the name of the Father,
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen




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