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Thay đổi kích cỡ chữ đọc:
Đức Mẹ Sa Mạc Mojave, California, Our Lady Of The Rock (3)
Chủ Nhật, Ngày 30 tháng 11-2008


LTS: Chúng tôi xin gừi thêm một số bài viết bằng tiếng Anh đến quý vị. Xin quý vị cầu nguyện để xin Chúa Thánh Thần ban ơn Biện Phân Thần Khí. Xin hết sức cẩn thận vì trong bàì báo có những quảng cáo bán đất ở gần nơi Đức Mẹ hiện ra tại Sa Mạc Mojave. (KH)

Since 1989, the Virgin Mary has allegedly appeared in the Mojave Desert, California to a woman called Maria Paula Acuna.

Maria Paula is the mother of six children, one of which had become ill with leukemia. The child, who was in critical condition, one day had a vision of a beautiful lady who asked her to tell her mother, to visit the mountain at Lopez Canyon in the Mojave desert. After visiting the place several times, on July 24, 1989 at 5:00 in the morning, Maria Paula was suddenly covered by a white fog.

In the middle of this white curtain a lady in white clothing, standing on a cloud, with a great rosary in her hands appeared. She said: "I am the Lady of the Rock, Queen of Peace of Southern California. I come to bring you the peace and love that is so needed."
Since then Maria Paula has received a new message from the Virgin Mary on the 13 of every month.

The location, which soon became a well-known place of pilgrimage, is visited by thousands on the 13 of every month. It is believed that the Virgin Mary then appears in the sky and can be captured on film.

People therefore bring their cameras, especially Polaroid- and video cameras are popular as the result can then be seen and shown to others immediately after taking the picture.

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