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Thay đổi kích cỡ chữ đọc:
Nhung Noi Thanh Thieng: Holy Places In The East Coast Of The Usa.
Thứ Sáu, Ngày 13 tháng 3-2009

Maryland, USA

National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

(Directions) is the oldest known replica of the revered French shrine, dating to about 1875 (the original Lourdes apparitions were in 1858). The Grotto has been in use since 1805 when Fr. John Dubois founded it as a place of prayer and devotion. The Grotto was proclaimed a Public Oratory on December 8, 1965, by His Eminence Lawrence Cardinal Shehan, archbishop of Baltimore. A place of pastoral beauty and spiritual inspiration, it draws hundreds of thousands of religious pilgrims and tourists annually from all faiths and all parts of the globe. read more

St. Clement’s Island

- Site of the first Catholic Mass in the English-speaking colonies of America. Visit St. Clement’s Island Museum and learn about the English history that preceded the voyage to Maryland, the vision of the Catholic-convert George Calvert to establish a colony in the new world, the voyage of the Ark and the Dove to the new world, and the early life in Maryland. read more

Mother of Light Shrine

- Located next to St. Clement’s Island Museum, this life-size replica of the Miraculous medal recalls that Mary, under the title of the Immaculate Conception, is patroness of the United States.Historic St. Mary’s City - The first settlement of the Maryland colonists and Maryland’s first capital. See a full-scale replica of the Dove, the reconstructed 1676 State House, and a recreation of the brick Catholic chapel in which the colonists worshipped (currently still under construction). Actors in period costumes, recreated 17th century settings, and hands-on exhibits help visitors to rediscover the past. read more .

St. Francis Xavier Church

- Founded by 1640, it is the oldest Catholic Church in continuous use in the original thirteen colonies.

St. Mary’s County Youth Memorial

- Donated by the Sisters of Nazareth to the youth of St. Mary’s County, this replica of the Grotto of Lourdes is a beautiful place to pray.

St. Ignatius Church

- Founded in 1641, it is among the oldest Catholic Churches in continuous use in the country. The Church contains a relic of the true Cross brought to America by Father Andrew White and a rare chalice used by the Jesuit missionaries.

Carmel of Port Tobacco

- Established in 1790, it is the oldest Carmelite monestary in the country. Here, Elizabeth Carberry was the first woman to profess her vows as a nun in America. read more.


National Centre for Padre Pio

- Nestled in the beautiful countryside of in Barto, Pennsylvania, The Padre Pio Spirituality, Museam, and Cultural Centre are in a setting reminiscent of the mountainous terrain of San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. For thirty years, the Centre by has worked with Padre Pio’s Friars of San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, to spread and promote the life, virtues and teachings of Padre Pio. All visitors, pilgrims and groups, both large and small, seeking a bit of spiritual refuge are welcome here. Bring your families, church, school and rosary groups and spend the day with us! read more

Washington, DC

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

- As the largest Church in the Western Hemisphere and the seventh largest religious structure in the world, it is America’s patronal Church and preeminent Marian shrine. Its beautiful mosaics and statues and breath-taking domes make it a site that should not be missed. read more

Franciscan Monestary at Mount Saint Sepulchre

- (Directions) Dedicated in 1899, the Franciscan Monestary recreates many of the pilgrimage sites of the Holy Land, along with the catacombs of Rome. Its beautiful gardens and chapels make it a tranquil place for prayer. read more
Baltimore area.

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption

- America’s first cathedral. Built from 1806 - 1821 under the direction of Archbishop John Carroll, the country’s first bishop, and Benjamin Henry Latrobe, architect of the U.S. capitol, the basilica was recently restored to preserve its infrastructure and to reflect its original architectural design. read more

National Shrine Grotto of Lourdes

- In 1728, a group of Catholics left St. Mary’s City during a period of persecution under Protestant leadership. Settling in the Blue Ridge Mountains, they dedicated “St. Mary’s Mount” as a place of prayer. Today, a replica of Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto commemorates this historic place of prayer. read more

Basilica of the National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

- Retrace the footsteps of Catholic-convert Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American to be canonized. See where she founded the first new community for religious women in the United States and the cradle of America’s Catholic school system. Visit the museum and beautiful basilica dedicated to her. read more

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