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Thay đổi kích cỡ chữ đọc:
Holy Love Ministry, Cleveland, Ohio
Thứ Năm, Ngày 7 tháng 2-2013


"I am yourJesus, born Incarnate."

"I will appear on the Feast of My Mercy in Our Beloved Field of Our United Hearts. No command or decree can prevent this. I will show My Mercy that day."

[Apparition will take place during the 3:00 p.m. Hour of Mercy.]


This chronology documents the Ministry’s struggles and the unwarranted attacks, untruths and calumnies by Diocesan officials of Cleveland.


Maureen Sweeney Kyle is a very shy, timid and frail housewife and grandmother who grew up and still resides in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Jesus and Blessed Mother have been appearing to Maureen on an almost daily basis these last 20+ years, and have given Maureen a series of missions to accomplish:

First: To ask that the title:

‘Our Lady Protectress of the Faith’
be given to Blessed Mother 1986-1990

Second: Project Mercy – Rosary Crusades 1990-1993
against Abortion

Third: Holy Love Ministries - 1993-Present
Propagation of the teachings of Holy and Divine Love and the Chambers of the United Hearts


Maureen was at adoration of the Blessed Sacrament when Blessed Mother appeared holding a large beaded rosary. The 50 Hail Mary beads changed into the shape of the 50 states. Subsequently, Blessed Mother calls Herself “PROTECTRESS OF THE FAITH”. In numerous messages Our Lady speaks about how the FAITH is being challenged on many fronts and how She wishes to guard it from the onslaught of false ideologies. Our Lady states that the Catholic Church is being torn apart from within, as well as from without, by Satan who is hard at work sowing seeds of disbelief, confusion and discord. He is attempting to
take over the Holy Catholic Church through organizations and individuals who have believed his convincing arguments.


Our Lady requests the title OUR LADY PROTECTRESS of the FAITH,
and a simple prayer with this title be approved.


Stating: “There are already too many devotions to the Blessed Mother and the Saints.”

And that: “The Holy Spirit is known as The Guardian of the Faith in Church circles.”

Five months later Our Lady appears as The Guardian of the Faith in Equador.

Equador, South America

To: Patricia Talbot

Messages about “The Crisis of the Faith” and “Love”.

Blessed Mother appears to a teenager in Cuenca, Equador asking for almost the same things She had asked of Maureen, along with serving the needs of the poor.

(Book about the apparitions — Published by: Franciscan University Press, Steubenville, Ohio ISBN 0 940535-46-7)

Local Ordinary approves the association of The Guardian of the Faith.


Obtained from Maronite Rite Chor Bishop Webby of New York for Protectress of the Faith title and prayer.

A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions 2


Cleveland Diocese pressures Bishop Webby to revoke NIHIL OBSTAT.


Our Lady directs Maureen to set up local and national groups called Rosary Crusades to pray weekly and/or monthly against abortion.
National Groups Successful

Local Groups Denied Access to Churches.
Aux. Bishop states: “Our insurance doesn’t cover it.”

1993 FIRST BOOK OF MESSAGES PUBLISHED on Personal Holiness – HOLY LOVE, the two great commandments of love—to love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself.


Blessed Mother requests the Ministry name be changed to “Holy Love Ministries” and advises Maureen that She would continue to instruct souls on personal holiness through Holy Love.


Our Lady directs Maureen to dig for a Spring at the rear of the property.

Water located this date. (Healings begin immediately.) Jesus requests

the Spring be called “Maranatha”.

1994 Large crowd gathers at Maranatha Spring June 13th to pray

Police show up with court order closing the site. TV and print media call Bishop asking if he knows about this prayer group. Bishop’s Chancellor responds with derogatory comments and releases Maureen’s name to the media.

3 A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions

1994 Maureen was anonymous for 9 years until now. Canon law states that her JUNE anonymity be protected. It was not. Her name was purposely released.

1994 CITY FILES SUIT AGAINST MINISTRY JUNE (Crowds are too large.)

Judgment (Court Order)

• Maximum 25 people on property at any one time.
• Must move in 6 months by December 21.

1994 MINISTRY PRAYS in public parks and fields monthly, and at an old DEC. one-room to’95 schoolhouse each Thursday. The apparitions continue

Our Lady directs Maureen to search for property.


As requested by Blessed Mother in Lorain County, Ohio. Down payment comes at last minute from three private individuals. Eight Hundred Dollars ($800.00) was all Ministry had in savings.


Second Spring—Blessed Mother indicates to Maureen where on the 82 acre site to dig. Miraculous healings and conversions begin immediately.

Weekly and monthly rosary prayed outside in all weather conditions.


• Local TV and Print News Reports
• Healings Reported on Local News
• Diocese Not Happy

A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions 4


Blessed Mother advises Maureen to obtain a good Canon lawyer.


Bishop doesn’t show—only the Chancellor and two of Bishop’s secretaries.

MADE CLEAR BY HOLY LOVE MINISTRY’S NATIONALLY KNOWN CANON LAWYER (who works for The National Conference of Catholic Bishops) to Chancellor:

THAT – Holy Love Ministries is an Ecumenical Ministry.

THAT – Blessed Mother’s and Jesus’ Directives (Messages) are for all people and all nations—including Catholics.

THAT – Holy Love Ministries is not affiliated with any Diocese and operates as an ecumenical organization, of which many of its members are Catholics, and attend Mass daily.

THAT – True discernment is to Watch the Fruits; i.e., Messages (personal holiness through Holy and Divine Love, and the Chambers of The United Hearts), conversions, healings, prayer, and mystical phenomena.

“You will know the TREE by its FRUITS.” (See Holy Love Ministries website for some of many testimonies.)


Since the July 1996 meeting, Holy Love Ministries, through our Canon lawyer and the Cleveland Diocese, agreed that Holy Love Ministries was Ecumenical. (Canon 215)


1. Warning—This group has been active locally for several years.

The TRUTH: Active for 20+ years and Ministry is International.

2. The Cleveland Diocese met with this group in 1999.

The TRUTH: Meeting was held in July, 1996. 5 A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions

3. Seeks great sums of money for the acquisition of property for the construction of a shrine.

The TRUTH: Holy Love Ministries has NEVER stated or implied that we were seeking greats sums of money—only the Bishop has implied this. One letter seeking prayer and financial assistance to purchase property for a shrine was sent out 11 years ago in November, 1994.* This letter was sent out to only those (600) on our mailing list at that time. Property was purchased in November, 1995—10 years ago. The shrines were constructed as Our Lady requested December, 1995 to the present. * (Canon 216 allows for this.)

4. This group (HLM) has operated under various guises.

The TRUTH: a) Mary’s House of Prayer

This was a building which housed the Ministry.

The TRUTH: b) Missionary Servants of Holy Love

A Secular Order begun by Our Lady to live a life of holiness through Holy Love—the two great commandments. (See Page 1 about the three missions Our Lady had asked of Maureen.)

5. HLM prays Catholic prayers.

The TRUTH: We pray the Most Holy Rosary (as Our Lady has asked) at all our scheduled ROSARY SERVICES. The rosary is a universal prayer. We also pray many of the prayers that Our Lady has given to Maureen.

6. “The people of God are not being served by this ‘Ministry’; they are being deceived. They look Catholic but they are not.”

The TRUTH: As agreed by Diocese in July, 1996, we are Ecumenical (for all people of all faiths). A large sign at the HLM entrance states this. Many non-Catholics attend our services. All website and printed materials explain our Ministry as Ecumenical for all people.

A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions 6

7. That HLM was told to “cease and desist”. (Statements made by Cleveland Diocese’s Chancellor.)

The TRUTH: Holy Love Ministries was never told this. HLM is ecumenical and is not subject to a particular diocese.

8. That Maureen is disobedient.

The TRUTH: Disobedient to whom? (See Canon 215) Maureen is totally obedient to her Spiritual Director.

1996 Meeting with Chancellor AUG.

He advised Maureen, Fr. Kenney and Donald Kyle that they were not taught mystical theology in the seminary and had no one in the Diocese capable of discerning these things.

Fr. Kenney then asked the Chancellor to change their negative statement to: “We’re watching the fruits.”

The Chancellor refused to answer. This question was asked three times. Chancellor did not respond.


A place to pray out of the weather.

Apparitions continue with conversions, healings and prayer.

1997 Bishop forbids local priests from coming to Holy Love Shrine and from hearing confessions there.


Our Lady appears to Maureen as Mary Refuge of Holy Love. Numerous messages on how to live in Holy Love compiled. Heaven’s Last Call to Humanity published. “Foreword” written by Fr. Albert J. Hebert, S.M. Doctor in Mariology

7 A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions


“Propagate the image I have given to you today.”

• Hail Mary beads were light blue teardrops with unborn babies inside of them.

• Our Father beads were drops of blood in the shape of a cross.

1999 Bishop’s Term as President of National Conference of Catholic Bishops ends

Cleveland Bishop has Chancellor address NCCB with “guises” letter.

Statement given to and currently used by the NCCB:

Sept. 8, 1999 “The Conference has been advised by the Diocese of Cleveland of its concerns regarding Holy Love Ministries. This group in its various guises is soliciting large sums of money, etc. Contact (Chancellor) for further information.”

The Word: “Guises” is a sinister term for a simple name change.


Archbishop Gabriel Ganaka writes “Foreword” for second publication of Messages: The Remedy and the Triumph


He is cautious. After he visits the site—asks what he can do to help. (The Archbishop was previous President of Organization of Catholic Bishops’ Conferences for Africa and Madagascar.)


Was arranged by Archbishop Ganaka at which time Maureen gave the Holy Father information on: Mary Refuge of Holy Love, Mary Co-Redemptrix and the United Hearts. A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions 8

1999 JESUS REVEALS the CHAMBERS of HIS MOST SACRED HEART OCT 16 (St. Margaret Mary Alocoque’s feast day) to Present

The Way of Salvation, Holiness, Perfection, Sanctity and Union with the Divine Will.

Jesus continues to expound on the Chambers over the next 5+ years. Presently He calls the Chambers: “The Chambers of Our United Hearts—Holy and Divine Love”.


􀁺 Inner City – Food and Clothing for Poor
􀁺 Pro-Life Counseling


Bishop sends out his “guises” letter to the Superior of (Maureen’s Spiritual Director) and of two other priests stating: “I am asking you to directly discourage (his) participation in this misleading activity. The people of God are not being well-served by (his) involvement in this ‘Ministry’; they are being deceived.

The TRUTH: Who is Holy Love Ministries deceiving? Where does it state in Canon law that you can remove the faculties of Maureen’s Spiritual Director who is guilty of no wrong? The interior forum freely allows ANY person to choose his spiritual director without interference from the local Ordinary or anyone else.

9 A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions

2004 Bishop’s secretary, who “outspokenly opposed” HLM, tells Michael Brown of “Spirit Daily” that the Bishop is investigating HLM and that she is the lead investigator. We have no information about any investigation.

The article quotes: “We’re looking into this more deeply now, because there really is deep concern,” said Sister R.H. who has outspokenly opposed the site. “People are coming from all over. They have these tour buses that are coming. It just seems very sad. They are coming with the understanding that it is Catholic and has the approval of the bishop, and it doesn’t.* Why would you say you’re having apparitions and that the Blessed Virgin is telling you whatever she is telling you and then refuse to have that looked at by the Church?” **

* Nor does it have his condemnation as not being of Divine Origin.

** The Messages are public for anyone who wants to look at them.

Holy Love Ministries Response to Spirit Daily Article:

It has come to our attention that an investigation is underway by the Diocese of Cleveland concerning Holy Love Ministries. We would be pleasantly surprised by any serious investigation undertaken by traditional Marian and/or mystical experts.

We stand convinced that God’s Divine Will is stronger than any action of man. If God intends to continue pouring graces upon this Mission (and we believe He does), He will, in His Infinite Knowledge, continue to do so.

2004 Holy Love Ministry’s Canon lawyer advises it’s time to seek civil JAN. action against those perpetrating these lies and calumnies.

2004 Letter sent to Cleveland Bishop by Holy Love Ministry’s civil lawyer, FEB. who for 22 years was the same Bishop’s attorney.

In the name of God and Holy Justice, please:

• Stop the Slander

2004 Bishop’s Response MAR.

• Sends out his “seeks great sums of money” and “they look too Catholic” letter to National Conference of Catholic Bishops in United States, Mexico and Canada.

A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions 10


It should be obvious to the reader that Holy Love Ministries, the Missionary Servants of Holy Love and visionary Maureen Sweeney-Kyle have been the subject of much controversy. Also obvious is that this Mission could not have evolved, survived and even thrived without the Hand of Grace upon it.

The purpose of this Ministry is to reconcile humankind to God and to one another.

Under Canon law 215, we are allowed to form a lay apostolate. According to the First Amendment, we are allowed to pray the rosary on our property and to form an Ecumenical Mission. Ecumenism is all-inclusive—embracing every faith including Catholicism.

As an active Ministry, we need operating funds just as any Church does. (See Canon 216). We depend on God’s generous Provision and maintain the civil right to pursue funds, if need be, just as any charitable organization does. We should not be portrayed to look like thieves because of this, even though it has been many years since we have done so.

We are praying for those who calumnize us, as well as our benefactors. Often criticism, detraction and rash judgment come from the most unlikely sources. We ask Jesus to give a humble heart to those who abuse authority and/or misuse their position in the world.

By hereby stating the truth, it is our hope that these unwarranted attacks will no longer discourage souls from visiting this site of Heaven’s favor, and partaking of the many graces so abundantly offered.

We exist to spread the Message of personal holiness through Holy and Divine Love. Who would oppose love?

The Messages promote special devotion to the Eucharist, the Holy Mother of God, and faithfulness to the Tradition of the Church.


“Today, I have come to invite once again all people and all nations into the spiritual journey of the Chambers of the United Hearts. This is not a parochial call or a Catholic-oriented journey. It is a call for all people—no matter their creed—to be united in love. Holy Love is never wrong—never out of place—never restrictive as to race, nationality or religious background. Holy Love is the bridge that spans the gap between Heaven and earth. Holy Love fills the abyss of war between people and nations, bringing peace. Holy Love is the solution to ‘pagan freedom’ which is really slavery to sin and degenerate laws. Outside of love, there is no salvation—only darkness.”

11 A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions

HOLY LOVE is – The fulfillment of the Gospel message and the two great commandments – to love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself.



"Is motivated towards self-advantage in thought, word, and deed."

"Is motivated in every thought, word, and action by love of God, and neighbor as self."

"Sees only others’ faults, not his own. Considers himself on the right path - perhaps even humble and virtuous."

"Sees itself full of imperfections. Is always seeking to be perfected through love. Considers everyone more humble and holy than himself."

"Holds a check list in his heart of every wrong perpetrated against him."

"Imitates Divine Mercy as best he can. Is compassionate and forgiving."

"Is quick to anger and stands vigil over his own rights making certain they are not transgressed."

"Is patient. Takes note of others’ needs and concerns."

"Hangs on to his own opinions refusing to surrender to another viewpoint."

"Offers his own opinions but listens to others and lends them equal merit with his own."

"Takes pride in his own achievements. May even take pride in his spiritual progress."

"Realizes all things proceed from God; that without God he is capable of no good thing. All good comes from grace."

"Sees himself and the world as the be-all/endall. His only pleasure is thus achieved through the world."

"Takes joy in storing up heavenly treasure; in growing closer to God and deeper in holiness. Knows the difference between earthly pleasures and spiritual joy."

"Uses the goods of the world to satisfy self."

"Uses the goods of the world to satisfy quest for holiness."

"Objects to every cross. Sees trials as a curse. Resents others’ good fortune."

"Surrenders to the cross through love as Jesus did. Sees crosses as a grace to be used to convert others."

"Prays only for himself and his own needs."
"Prays for all in need."

"Cannot accept God’s Will. Becomes bitter over trials."

"Accepts God’s Will with a loving heart even when difficult."

Private revelation given to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle by Blessed Mother 8/97

A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions 12

THE UNITED HEARTS – The Way of Salvation, Holiness, Perfection, Sanctity and Union with the Divine Will

Dictated by St. Anthony on 5/20/00. He said: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Here is the way of Salvation, Holiness, Perfection and Sanctity, simply put.”

“Step l: Salvation. Surrender to Holy Love which is the two great commandments of love.”

“In this surrender the soul is taken into the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Her Heart is the spiritual refuge of all mankind and the Gateway to the New Jerusalem which is the Heart of Jesus. In this surrender the soul begins to see his greatest sins and faults. Also, in this Heart of Mary the soul begins to recognize the power and importance of the present moment.”

“Step 2: Holiness. Entrance into the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Divine Love) through deeper surrender to love.”

“Soul begins to equate Holy and Divine Love with the Divine Will of God. He aspires to personal holiness by greater surrender to God’s Will which is always Holy Love in the present moment. He begins to understand that his will is directed by what he holds in his heart.”

“Step 3: Perfection. The soul, now rooted in Holy and Divine Love, puts all his effort into being perfected in the virtues. He practices the virtues diligently, prays for them in his soul, and when God sees a worthy effort, He infuses the soul with these virtues.”

“Step 4: Sanctification. This Chamber of Jesus’ Divine Heart embraces those who have successfully conformed to the Divine Will of God. There are still two entities: the soul who continually seeks conformity and is successful in this; and the Divine Will of God.”

“Step 5: Union with the Divine Will. Few reach this inner sanctum of Our Lord’s Heart. There is now only one entity. Self is no longer present. The soul is one with God and His Divine Will. This is the New Jerusalem.”

13 A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions


By:Rev. Albert J. Hebert, S.M.

Every wise person seeks to grow in virtue and with the grace of God to work toward spiritual perfection. Ordinary and convenient means for this growth abound in the daily teachings of the Church, through the Mass and the sacraments, and by the good example of others, especially holy persons and the saints. Indeed, if anyone consistently tried to live simply by the two Great Commandments, love of God and neighbor, one could easily become a saint.

A merciful and generous God gives us extra helps. One way is through what is called “private revelation”. This term is not the happiest one, because many such revelations are aimed by God at the entire Catholic Church and the whole world. Some examples are Lourdes, Fatima, and the Divine Mercy of God revelations through Sr. Faustina Kowalska. Some revelations involve extensive instructions and messages, such as the ongoing ones at Medjugorje and some other places.

The primary focus should be on the messages and not the messenger. What is important is to read the messages, act on them, and see if the results “bear good fruit.” Are they worthwhile, helpful, leading one to a holier life? This is especially important in these times when faith and morals are being attacked on all sides and in insidious or even brutal ways.

The contributor of this Foreword draws on long experience with many visionaries, and also has known this particular messenger for some years. He believes, in his own personal and private opinion, that these messages constitute an authentic private revelation. But again, the important thing is to read the messages, grasp the truth of their teachings, and observe one’s own reactions.

If a person stranded ashore on some deserted island came across a map sticking out of the sand, and found that the map pointed to a hidden treasure, that person would scarcely just look at the map, throw it away, or pay no attention to the instructions. Most people would immediately read and follow the instructions and so find the treasure.

If a very important document arrived via fax machine or was typed on a typewriter, no one would just stand in admiration of the fax machine or want to go contemplate the typewriter on which the message was written—they grasp the message and act on it!

So be it with these messages, perhaps better called “teachings”. They are perfectly in accord with Catholic faith and morals, and indeed, with living a high spiritual life. Other priests have also evaluated them as good.

The teachings in these messages offer a sure path to perfection. They enlighten us concerning many virtues. They often offer new insights and present shining spiritual facets for dealing with our times. They prepare and strengthen us in faith and love, and in loyalty to and trust in our Eucharistic Christ for the difficult times ahead. They assure us that Mary is Our Loving Mother, Our Protectress and Refuge.

A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions 14

These messages stress Holy Love, Holy Humility, and indeed everything consecrated as HOLY according to God’s Will.

“God’s Will for you is always Holy Love. And so, all your actions must be based on the two Great Commandments—love God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself. You cannot be holy unless you live by these commandments.” (10/12/93)

We are encouraged to live a reparational prayer life, to be convinced of the importance of grace and our responding to it, and to eliminate pride. Many other good counsels are given to effect our closer union with God, especially through love and Eucharistic Adoration.

We are urged to make a decision now for allegiance to Christ alone, to beware of the insidious enticements and snares of Satan, and to embrace the Cross with love.

In these messages, the highest type of spiritual living and perfection is unfolded before us. There are messages for priests. We are urged to pray for all priests, especially for the dissenting ones and those who reject in their hearts, if not openly, the great encyclical “The Splendor of Truth” by our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. Mary begs us to pray for all sinners, all unbelievers and for all those in darkness. There are hints that their souls will be eternally lost if they do not soon repent and convert.

Among the special gifts connected with these revelations are “Our Lady’s Blessing Point”, where She opens Her heart to all, and “Maranatha Spring”.

It is impossible in a mere foreword to mention all of the many other good things and topics enclosed in these pages. This book is a storehouse of treasure. Search it, roam through it, enrich yourselves! Through it you can find your safe Refuge among the remnant to be saved from apostasy in the coming great tribulations, namely the Refuge of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Those followers loyal to their loving Eucharistic Lord and His Immaculate Mother will be able to look forward to the coming Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Reign of the Eucharistic Heart of Christ. Blessings on all!

15 A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions


Archbishop of Jos, Nigeria

This volume contains messages from Jesus and our Blessed Mother to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle from July 1, 1996 to December 12, 1998. The messages are those received after the printing of Heaven’s Last Call to Humanity.

The messages contained here cover a wide range of subjects which should provide the interested reader with very many themes for reflection, meditation for Christian living aimed at growth in holiness. Subjects covered, to name a few, include abortion, angels, Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. Others are Divine Love, Divine Mercy, the Eucharist, Holiness, Prayer and Sacrifice. Various teachings on the priesthood and many key virtues such as humility, surrender, meekness, trust, patience, forgiveness, obedience, faith, hope and compassion are also included. It is a book that should not be read at one sitting; it is one that should be prayerfully read and meditated upon for one’s spiritual growth, section by section.

One great emphasis of Vatican II and a number of post-conciliar documents is the call of each of Christ’s faithful to holiness of life which would transform the disciple of Jesus into a witness for the evangelization of the world. Besides this it must be borne in mind what the author of the epistle to the Hebrews declared on the importance of holiness when they wrote “…without holiness, no one will see the Lord.” (Hebrews 12, 14). Intimacy with Jesus and His Mother through Divine Love and Holy Love will accelerate one’s pace towards holiness. That is one dimension, the other being loving one’s neighbor as we love ourselves.

It is true that the events happening in Elyria, Ohio have not been investigated by the Church as yet; the messages, however, are so simple yet deep and profound. The rate at which the messages are being received, at times thrice a day, yet rich in variety and profundity, could not possibly be the invention of a mere mortal. Without preempting any eventual final verdict there may be in the future, suffice it to say here that our arch-enemy, Satan could not possibly call ceaselessly for love of God and of neighbor, for prayer and sacrifice, for holiness of life, the frequent and worthy reception of the sacraments, and for the use of sacramentals.

In an encounter with Satan, he said this to Maureen: “…But you keep praying! Oh how I try to distract you! Don’t you listen? And that Woman with Her grace! How can I oppose Her? She looks at me and I am defeated! Stop listening to Her. She tells you too much! You pray too much. You will never be happy if you keep praying so much.” Maureen simply said: ‘DROP DEAD SATAN’!” (October 22, 1998)

A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions 16

The messages concerning the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary are rich as they are varied. These must be studied. Heaven has given mighty promises for use of the devotional chaplet and scapular of the United Hearts requested. The Confraternity of the United Hearts that is soon to be initiated will exist, among other things, to propagate understanding of this revelation, its impact on personal holiness, and devotion to the United Hearts through this chaplet and scapular.

The messages on the revelation of the United Hearts are repeatedly given in various forms and aspects in this volume. It is a curious coincidence that the visions of Jesus and Mary to Maureen, which have now culminated in the message on the United Hearts, began in 1985. The phrase, the “Alliance of the Two Hearts” was used by His Holiness Pope John Paul II in September 1985 in a catechesis at the Vatican. This was taken up in the Philippines as a number of prominent Catholics agreed to have a symposium on that subject in Fatima in September 1986.

In a letter to Cardinal Sin of Manila, (the President of the Symposium on the Alliance of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary), the Holy Father made this declaration: “We can say that just as the mystery of Redemption began in the womb of the Virgin Mary, so did that splendid union of the Hearts of Christ and His Mother. From the very moment when the Word was made flesh beneath the Heart of Mary, there has existed under the influence of the Holy Spirit an enduring relationship of love between them. The Heart of the Mother has always followed the redemptive mission of Her Son. As Jesus hung on the Cross in completion of His salvific work, Simeon’s prophecy foretelling the definitive alliance of the Hearts of the Son and of the Mother was fulfilled: ‘And a sword will pierce your own soul too.’ (Luke 2, 35) Indeed, the centurion’s lance that pierced the side of Christ penetrated the Heart of His Sorrowful Mother, and sealed it in sacrificial love. Since the Hearts of Jesus and Mary are joined forever in love, we know t
hat to be loved by the Son is also to be loved by His Mother…”

“It is my prayer,” the Holy Father concluded, “that your initiative will make the Alliance of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary better understood and appreciated by the People of God and thus promote devotion to the Hearts of the Son and His Mother in our own day.”

The teachings in this book on this subject of the United Hearts will no doubt enlighten many who read them. The book is also rich in teachings on various subjects that will contribute in no small measure to our daily pursuit of holiness especially by DAILY meditation on a section or two of the book.

Many messages end with the words, “MAKE THIS KNOWN.” We hope this book will assist in doing just that and eventually help to transform lives.

17 A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions



His Grace Most Rev. (Dr.) Gabriel Gonsum Ganaka was born 24th May 1937 in Pankshin, Plateau State Nigeria to the family of Pa Peter and Ma Cecilia Ganaka, both of blessed memory. He started his primary education at the Holy Cross School, Pankshin and completed at the Sacred Heart School, Shendam, while his secondary education took place at St. Theresa’s Minor Seminary, Ibadan, 19521957. He studied Philosophy (1957-60) and Theology (1961-65) at SS Peter and Paul Major Seminary, Ibadan.

He was ordained at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima Jos on 4th July, 1965. From that year, it was interesting to see in him what a combination of a high level of intellectual ability, hard work, humility, enthusiastic devotion to a vocation could do and have in fact done to His Grace Archbishop Ganaka to make him occupy challenging positions both within and outside this Archdiocese within the shortest possible time. He was indeed a charismatic figure.

Soon after his ordination, His Grace wasted no time in proceeding (the following year) to Pontifical Urban University, Rome for higher studies in Theology where he obtained the Licentiate in Theology (equivalent to a masters degree) in 1967 and a Doctorate in Theology in 1970.

With such a high degree of intellectual preparation and of course theological and spiritual initiation, it was no wonder that challenging appointments started rolling in, in quick succession. On his return to Nigeria in 1970, he served for only seven months in the (then) Diocese of Jos as Projects Secretary. Thereafter, he was seconded to the National Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria in Lagos where he held several positions again in quick succession: as Assistant Secretary Social Welfare Department, Assistant Secretary-General and Secretary-General, National Catholic Secretariat.

As a result of his rare-breed dedication to duty, faith in, and devotion to his vocation, and – most important – through the grace of God, Pope Paul VI appointed him Auxiliary Bishop of Jos on 9th September 1973 at the age of 36, Acting Bishop on December 12, 1974 and substantive Bishop of Jos on February 2, 1975.

From then on, the challenges came knocking, and because God had prepared him for those challenges, he continued to prove more than equal to the tasks. Hence he made huge success of it when he was appointed by Pope Paul VI as a member of the congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and by Pope John Paul II as member of the Canon Law Review Commission and the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue.

With his potentialities having been actualized at these fora, it was no wonder that his

A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions 18

colleagues found him worthy to be elected as Vice-President and later (1985-88) as President Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria. (C.B.C.N.)

A time came when Nigeria became too small for the intellectual, spiritual and indeed physical stature of this great son of Africa, and indeed of the world. Hence (between 1983-1987) – on election in Kinsasha (Zaire) he served as First Vice-President of the symposium of Episcopal Conference of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM). His Grace relinquished this only to be saddled with the highest position in that organization by being elected its President for the period 1987-1990. As one of the key officers of SECAM he had the honour and privilege to represent the African Bishops at Several important events, including the World Day of Prayer for Peace, Assisi, October, 1986, the Millennium of Christianity in Russia in 1988 etc.

The above explains his having been widely traveled, having been to, at one time or another, Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Scotland, Spain, Niger, Ghana, Ivory Coast, India, Pakistan, U.S.A., Kenya, Tanzania, Togo, Zaire, Liberia, Russia, Senegal, Yugoslavia, and so forth. This partly explains the phenomenon by which His Grace spoke several languages. Besides English and Angas, he spoke Hausa, Goemai, Italian and French, and had a working knowledge of German. He was an avid reader and spent much of his leisure hours in his well-stocked library. His other hobbies were photography, classical music and lawn tennis.

Under him, the Archdiocese witnessed great strides in various aspects of development. The seventeen parishes he inherited in 1975 had risen to forty-six by the time he became an Archbishop in 1994. The Archdiocese now boasts of over half a million Catholics as against barely half of that figure in 1975, while Catechumens now number about 350,000. There were about 84 diocesan and religious priests 63 of whom were indigenous priests by 1994 as against about 10 in 1975. Also although there were only 12 Our Lady of Fatima Sisters (indigenous to the Archdiocese) in 1975, they number 43 today.

However, in 1995 Kafanchan was made a Diocese and Bauchi Apostolic Vicariate in 1996 which reduced the number of Priests in the Archdiocese of Jos to 74, only 2 are expatriates.

In December 1997, the Archbishop took ill and was flown to the United States of America for medical treatment. He collapsed and died suddenly on 11th Nov., 1999.

May his Soul rest in Peace. Amen.

19 A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions



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