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Thay đổi kích cỡ chữ đọc:
Đức Mẹ Sa Mạc Mojave, California: Một Nơi Thánh Thiêng (1)
Thứ Sáu, Ngày 28 tháng 11-2008



LTS: Cách đây trên 10 năm, nhóm cầu nguyện của chúng tôi vẫn thường đến Sa Mac Mojave vào ngày 13 hàng tháng để cầu nguyện và đón chào Đức Mẹ Maria, dù rằng chúng tôi không thấy Mẹ.

Địa chỉ nơi gọi là Our Lady Of The Rock:

21000-21398 Randsburg Mojave Road, California City,  CA 93505

Đây chỉ là một bãi đất trống, không có nhà cửa. Đến ngày 13 hàng tháng thì mọi người tụ họp lại và chờ đợi Mẹ hiện ra lúc 12:00 giờ trưa. Vì thế, không có số điện thoại hay địa chỉ rõ ràng. 

Từ trước đến này, báo chí Mỹ vẫn thỉnh thoảng nhắc đến sự kiện Đức Mẹ Sa Mac Mojave. Sau đây là bài báo tiếng Anh nói về việc Mẹ Maria hiện ra và chữa lành. Ở cuối bài là bản hướng dẫn cách đi từ Orange County hay từ Los Angeles đến nơi này.  (Kim Hà)
In English:
Our Lady Of The Rock: A Holy Place?

Updated: Nov 28, 2008 08:27 AM PST

Click here for directions to Our Lady of The Rock.

Thousands of believers brave the heat and wind of the desert to catch a glimpse of something more powerful.

The faithful say the Virgin Mary appears in a special place just hours from Las Vegas.

Action News Reporter Tania Reyes takes to the Mojave Desert in California City where people say prayers are answered and miracles happen.

Every month on the 13th, the faithful travel hundreds, even thousands of miles to meet in a desolate place.

People say if you look into the sky when the sun is shining you can see the Virgin Mary, her angels and the gateway to heaven.

Through pictures, believers say they can capture what is gleaming among the clouds.

People who believe could see a lot of things in the picture.

These gatherings in the Mojave Desert began with a nun by the name of Sister Maria Paula Acuna.

She said she had a vision there.

Ever since, thousands from all over the world have come there with the hope of seeing and feeling the presence of God.

Sister Maria Paula says the Virgin Mary appeared in the desert 16 years ago and gave her a message, this will be a place of life and salvation.

On the day Action News visited, the Zeranda family came here searching for a miracle of their own.

Rosa Zeranda says her 8-year-old grandson has an inoperable tumor in his head.

He cannot walk or talk, and doctors say he does not have much time left.

She says last time they came a miracle happened.

The boy took a couple of steps but once at home he could not walk again.

The family says they have faith and will visit every month until the child is healed.

Another man Action News met goes there often with his wife.

With tears in his eyes, he told his story of pain and hope.

Juan Gonzales has cancer.

He was told by doctors he had four months to live, a year later he is alive still battling the disease.

Juan says he felt the powerful presence of the Virgin Mary.

Whether they go there out of curiosity or through faith, most leave changed.

Click here for directions to Our Lady of The Rock.

Here are directions to Our Lady Of The Rock from Las Vegas:

Take the I-15 S to exit 76A toward Los Angeles.

Merge onto CA-58 W toward Bakersfield.

Turn right on California City Blvd. and follow for approximately 10 miles.

Make a left at Randsburg Mojave Road and follow for approximately 10 miles.

Make a left at Lincoln Blvd (a dirt road at sign for Our Lady Of The Rock).

Thư bạn đọc:

"I believe Our Lady is hard at work calling her children to gather at places such as this. The Miracle of the sun and images in the sky of a luminous cross also seem to be her calling card to verify these places as being chosen by her for our sake.
I go to a place in Rome City, IN (that's its real name) where Our Lady of America's central apparitions and messages were given in 1956. This has been canonically-approved by the Church and is promoted by Archbishop Burke who is now at the Vatican. 
I have seen the miracle of the sun here on many trips and I have met people who have given testimony regarding their own miraculous healings as a result of going there to take the waters and pray in the chapels where the Blessed Virgin appeared. Learn more by going to and .org 
There are numerous photos of a luminous cross in the sky over this property as Our Lady herself said would be the sign of her refuges."




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