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Một Cặp Vợ Chồng Không Con Dâng Cúng 30 Triệu Mỹ Kim Cho Giáo Phận Binghamton, Hoa Kỳ
Thứ Bảy, Ngày 13 tháng 12-2008

Một cặp vợ chồng  không con dâng cúng 30 triệu Mỹ Kim cho giáo phận Binghamton, Hoa Kỳ

Binghamton couple leaves $30M to dioceseBinghamton couple leaves $30M to diocese
By William Moyer • ,
December 8, 2008

Three churches in Broome County, a home for retired priests in Binghamton and a Catholic high school will get a share of the annual earnings from an estimated $30 million bequest given to the Syracuse Diocese by a deceased Binghamton funeral home owner and his wife.

Bishop James M. Moynihan, of Syracuse, announced today that Robert and Catherine McDevitt willed the money to the diocese with specific instructions on how the annual interest on the multi-million dollar endowment may be allocated.

St. James in Johnson City, St. Thomas Aquinas in Binghamton and St. Patrick in Binghamton will receive undetermined amounts of money each year, as will Seton Catholic Central High School in Binghamton. Diocesan officials are still working with various lawyers to understand the terms of the bequest and exactly how much each beneficiary might receive according to wishes of the couple.

Also, the McDevitt Residence for Retired Priests, the diocese’s annual Hope Appeal and a fund that provides financial assistance for the medical care of priests will get money from the bequest, according to diocesan officials.

On Nov. 19, the couple’s estate awarded a $50 million donation to Le Moyne College in Syracuse.

Robert McDevitt died in September; Catherine Ann Hurley McDevitt died in April. Both were natives of Binghamton. They had no children.

Robert McDevitt was the owner of McDevitt Brothers Funeral Directors in Binghamton, which his grandfather, James McDevitt, started in 1880. His mother, who was secretary to the president of a predecessor company of IBM Corp., accumulated stock which she gave to her son which he continued to amass into a fortune.


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